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Faces of Cotton

It’s not the plant that makes the cotton industry great, it’s the people who:

Grow it
Research/breed new varieties of it
Warehouse it
Ship it
Advocate for it
Gin it
Represent it

These are the stories that celebrate the hardworking men and women of the Texas High Plains cotton industry. Welcome to the Plains Cotton Growers’ “Faces of Cotton” story series.

View the stories below.

Do you know someone who deserves to have their story told? Contact Kara Bishop below:

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    The Life of Jane: From Childhood to Her 42nd Crop

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    By Kara Bishop Three-year-old Jane Kveton doesn’t care for the pieces of grass that float on the water and stick to her feet. As her father, John, turns the well…

    Fred’s Legacy

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    By Kara Bishop His name was Ferdinand Valentine Kveton, but everybody called him Fred. Fred Kveton. Source: Texas Agricultural Extension Service - "The Extensioner" November 1949. Born in Moravia, Czech…
    W.B. Criswell

    W.B. Criswell

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    By Kara Bishop W.B. Criswell, Lubbock County producer, served as PCG President from 1975 to 1977. On a quiet neighborhood street in Idalou, Texas, sits a 92-year-old man looking for…

    Jordy Rowland

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    Jordy, his wife Maegan and their children: Aubrey (11), Ace (10), Harper (9) and Tagg (5)   By Kara Bishop Q: Did you grow up in agriculture? A: I grew…
    Patriotic Flag and Veteran's Flag on Tractor in Texas

    Veteran’s Day

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    Today, we dedicate Faces of Cotton to the men and women who have served, fought and protected our country. In honor of Veterans Day, we share stories of those who…
    Plains Cotton Growers Inc. when it was founded

    George Pfeiffenberger

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    It’s hard to know where to go if you don’t know where you’ve been. While working on a historical timeline for Plains Cotton Growers, I’ve been transported back to another…
    Peyton Wilde standing in field of cotton

    Peyton Wilde

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    On Oct. 13, 2022, Peyton Wilde brought in the first bale of the season for Idalou Coop Gin. I shared the post on the Plains Cotton Growers Facebook page, not…
    Eric Wanjura speaking to college students

    Eric Wanjura

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    There are people out there that do the work — yet few people know they do it. They are quiet, reserved, happy to do things behind the scenes. They don’t…
    Glenn Thompson

    Glenn GT Thompson

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    Down in the Nittany Valley at the central ridge of the Allegheny Mountains sits Howard, Pennsylvania. This metropolis in Centre County of 720 people and one traffic light is where…
    Quentin Shieldknight's family

    Quentin Shieldknight

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    April 8, 2021 Quentin Shieldknight was in the worst shape of his life — or so he thought. “Man,” he said looking at one of his field hands while working…
    Tony Williams at his desk in his office

    Tony Williams

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    20 Questions with Tony Williams Today is Tony Williams’ last day working for the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association (TCGA). I called him on Monday — his last day in the…
    Guyle Roberson high fiving

    Guyle Roberson

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    Eight Seconds with Guyle Roberson  Waiting for his turn to run drills, Guyle Roberson breathed in and out, clenching and unclenching his hands. Jogging in place, staring at the other…
    Lloyd Arthur and family in cotton field

    Lloyd Arthur

    | Faces of Cotton | No Comments
    The best time to call a farmer is when they’re on the tractor, according to Lloyd Arthur, a producer in Crosby County who had some time on his hands to…