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The Texas cotton industry continues to face many challenges on the political forefront. As the political atmosphere in Washington, D.C., continues to shift, it is imperative now more than ever that cotton producers stand together and enhance our efforts to develop key relationships with policy makers in order to ensure cotton has a strong future.

The Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. PAC is a producer-led PAC, formed as a tool to collectively pool financial resources together on a voluntary basis in order to provide a concentrated effort to uniformly support and elect political candidates at the federal level who support agriculture and the cotton production industry.

Congressional actions on issues such as domestic farm policy, international trade, and environmental policy significantly impact cotton producers, and while we have several great champions for our industry currently in Congress, they cannot do it alone. The cotton industry must remain competitive and politically strong and the Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. PAC is a powerful tool that will allow the cotton industry to do just that.

Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. PAC is supported by voluntary financial or in-kind contributions.