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Plains Cotton Growers

Building on an investment their forefathers made over 50 years ago, today’s Panhandle/High Plains cotton farmer has the strength of one of the most respected regional cotton producer organizations in the United States at their fingertips. In fact, farmers responsible for producing over 90 percent of the cotton grown in this part of Texas are working together to support one of the most responsive and dynamic producer organizations ever created –– Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.

As a result of its broad grassroots support, PCG has met the specialized needs of the High Plains cotton industry for more than 60 years and provides effective input on key cotton issues at the very highest levels of federal and state government

PCG works hard to maintain a broad understanding of the cotton landscape nationally and internationally. PCG leaders are quick to do their share when it comes to the formulation and implementation of cotton industry policy and PCG works closely with the National Cotton Council of America and the NCC’s producer arm – American Cotton Producers. Through the combined efforts of the NCC and PCG, High Plains cotton producers can rest assured that their views are taken seriously and that their interests are being represented at the very highest levels.

With an ever-increasing workload and the strain of keeping their operations moving in the right direction, cotton producers are often unable to keep abreast of the latest issues. Knowing that there is an effective organization “on-call” to quickly respond to issues as they arise eases some of that strain and allows growers to concentrate on the details of their own farming operation.

For over 60 years cotton growers in the Panhandle/High Plains region have supported the organization they founded. The investment cotton producers make in Plains Cotton Growers is an investment in their future and will make it possible to have PCG on their side for decades to come.

Since 1956, PCG has been there, in the trenches, as the advocate for the High Plains cotton producer.



Organizational Objectives:

  • To promote and protect the interests of Plains cotton producers;
  • To encourage agriculture and horticulture by association for the maintenance of exhibits of farm products as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation;
  • To foster improvement of the conditions under which Plains cotton is produced and sold;
  • To encourage standardization and improvement in the quality of cotton and cottonseed;
  • To cooperate with and support established organizations in the cotton industry and general agricultural organizations in the United States and in any foreign country in finding and pursuing reasonable and appropriate approaches to problems of mutual interest;
  • To cooperate with all departments and agencies of State and Federal governments charged with any responsibilities relating to cotton, cottonseed, and their products and to prices and regulatory measures, so long as such measures are in the interest of cotton producers;
  • To provide an additional medium of information for Plains cotton producers;
  • To examine and study national policies at the times when they are being formulated, and to advise cotton producers as to the probable effects of these policies on conditions under which cotton and cottonseed are produced and sold in the United States and in foreign counties; and
  • To do all things else that may seem reasonable and appropriate for improving the conditions under which Plains cotton and cottonseed are produced and sold, and for promoting the welfare and protecting the interests of cotton producers of the Plains; provided, however, that this Corporation will not engage in the business of buying or selling cotton or cottonseed or their products.