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Email Open Rate

Plains Cotton Growers has sent 113,898 email in the last 12 months — 10% higher than the industry average. We also had a 7% click rate in 2023, which is 5% higher than the industry average.

Increase in Subscribers

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Social Media Rank

Plains Cotton Growers’ Facebook and Instagram accounts ranked in the top 25% of all accounts for viewers who watched videos for one minute or more in 2023.

Textile Mill Testimonial on Texas Cotton

Annual Meeting Attendees

We held the highest attended annual meeting to date at a new venue — the Overton Hotel and Conference Center — in April.

Increase in Facebook Page Profile Visits

Visits to Facebook profile increased by 46% in 2023, while Instagram profile visits increased by 13%.

Increase in Website Traffic

Our website boasted 16,000 users this year, 15,000 of them new to our site, for a total of 129,000 website visits.

Media Relations

Local Media

Plains Cotton Growers participated in more than 30 local media interviews in 2023.

National Media

Plains Cotton Growers was featured on FoxWeather, Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press in 2023.