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Texas High Plains Planting Conditions – May 15, 2024

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Some folks were fortunate to receive good rainfall over the weekend, while others missed out.  We were hoping to plant a RACE trial somewhere today (Monday, 5-13), but all the grower cooperators who were ready to plant were either too wet or too dry…for those who do not live in West Texas, this is normal.  If you have moisture in your fields, it is ‘go-time’ for most of you!

Here is a summary:

TX Panhandle

  • Spearman & Panhandle:  be aware of the nighttime lows in the 50s, as well as the chance of rain on Wed/Thurs.
  • Dumas:  The low tonight is quite cool, so I would avoid planting today (Monday, 5-13), but the conditions remainder of the week look very good.

Click on the image above to download the PDF.

Southern High Plains

  • Plainview:  be aware of the nighttime lows in the 50s, and good rain chances Wed/Thurs; also be cautious about low and high temperatures on Thursday.
  • Lubbock & Lamesa:  If you have moisture, it is time to plant!   Moisture is the larger concern over temperature at this point.

Click on the image above to download the PDF.

We need to watch the precipitation forecast Wed/Thurs this week very closely.  The only rainfall predicted after that system is on Tuesday, May 21, but that is an eternity in West Texas.  For drip fields, light water pivots and dryland, remain alert and be ready to plant when a field receives some moisture.  For those south of Lubbock, there is ample time to plant the cotton crop; however, for those in the TX Panhandle and for some in the Plainview area, time is closing in with regard to moisture.   In the meantime, this is a great time to burn down any weeds that are present in the field.  Starting clean is key to making the most of your soil moisture.

If you want your specific location (down to the field level), you can access your own tailored planting conditions forecast on demand with a calculator from North Carolina State University.  Go to:  The map will default to a location in NC, but you can scroll the map to your specific location and click on a field.  Click ‘submit’ and the tool will provide a 2-day planting conditions forecast with commentary.