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High Plains Planting Conditions Forecast

By April 24th, 2023No Comments

April 17, 2023

By Ken Legé, Ph.D.

The High Plains planting conditions forecast report shows DD60 accumulation over a week and a half in Lubbock, and Plainview, Texas, with predicted planting conditions for the next five days — this takes into account air temperature forecast.  In the comments section, I have placed comments that also take into account things like soil temps (via the mesonet) and the rain and air temp forecast.

This week’s report is simple:  I recommend waiting for better conditions, hopefully later next week, as we are forecast to experience temperatures that would be very conducive to chilling injury or even seedling death.

While this report only shows the forecast for Lubbock and Plainview, the intention is to check your local forecast and consider the temperature and other factors in making a well-informed planting decision.

Additionally, North Carolina State University has developed a very good tool to develop a similar planting conditions forecast to a specific location.  Find it here:  Cotton Planting Conditions Calculator – Products | North Carolina State Climate Office (  Simply scroll on the map to your specific location (you can drill down to an individual field, if you want), and hit ‘submit.’

Another good rule of thumb to consider during this time of year:  the soil temperature at seed depth will be within 10F of the low temperature (which is usually around dawn) for a 24 hr period.