Guide To Foreign Crop Subsidies and Tariffs
CERI Staff Report
February 2007
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Don Ethridge, Director
Samarendu Mohanty, Associate Director
Suwen Pan, Research Scientist
Mark Welch, Research Scientist
Mohamadou Fadiga, Research Scientist
Margarita Velandia-Parra, Research Assistant
Samantha Yates, Publication Specialist

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* All of the information presented is from secondary sources, many in the native language of the country. Some of the information on cotton subsidies presented here was collected as part of research supported by Cotton Incorporated. Every effort has been made to accurately interpret and convey the most up to date information possible. However, policy tools and implementation mechanisms that countries use are constantly changing. The intent of this report is to present the most current information available as of early February 2007.