Custom Weather Information Available on

Cotton Cultivated Website

June 2017         Information from The Cotton Board and PCG

      Cotton Incorporated's producer-centric Web site, Cotton Cultivated, has a weather tool tailored for cotton growers. The tool delivers weekly weather video forecasts that focus on the U.S. Cotton Belt. These two-to-four minute weather videos are posted to the Cotton Cultivated Web site each Thursday morning and provide an overview of weather trends for the coming week.

      The weekly weather reports are from Agrible, an organization providing innovative, easy-to-use products that farmers and companies can use to improve their production.

      "We continue to build the Cotton Cultivated site to make sure we are meeting the needs of the U.S. cotton growing community," Ryan Kurtz, Director of Agricultural Research for Cotton Incorporated, said. "The Cotton Cultivated site is aimed at helping users find cotton specific information as quickly and easily as possible, and the weather feature provided by Agrible is just another way we are giving cotton growers access to important information."

      Users can access the weekly weather outlook videos on the mid-right side of the Cotton Cultivated homepage (

      "These Agrible weather reports are of excellent quality, and we appreciate Cotton Incorporated for making them available on their Cotton Cultivated site," PCG Executive Vice President Steve Verett said. "I encourage anyone who's interested to bookmark the website, and if you subscribe to their email list, you conveniently can receive these video links directly into your inbox."


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USDA-NASS Collecting Information for

June 2017 Acreage Report

Monday, June 5, 2017                              From USDA-NASS

       Beginning the last week in May, representatives of USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) began knocking on doors and making phone calls to approximately 8,600 agricultural-related operations in Texas seeking input for crop acreage, on-farm grain storage and livestock inventories.

      "We realize this is an extremely busy time of year for agriculture, so we try to provide several options for responding to the report", said Wilbert Hundl, director of the NASS Southern Plains Regional Field Office. "Our data collection period will close on June 13, so producers busy with wheat harvest, or other events can call our Regional Field Office if they missed one of our enumerator appointments."

      The June Acreage report provides updated estimates on the number of acres planted to row crops for the 2017 production season. In addition, the June project provides an indication for which NASS uses to sample respondents for the August through November monthly Crop Production forecasts.

      As with all NASS surveys, the results of this survey will be available in aggregate form only, ensuring that no individual operation or producer can be identified. The June Acreage report and the June Grain Stocks report will be issued on June 30, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Central Time, and will provide updated acreage estimates for major crops and a quarterly review of grain stocks. Both reports will be available online at and results will be issued to respondents whom requested a copy.




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Cotton Industry Seeks Volunteer Leaders

Friday, June 9, 2017                                       By Shawn Wade

      The success of the High Plains cotton industry, like any group effort, is directly tied to the willingness of qualified individuals to volunteer to serve in various leadership positions. To identify these volunteers, the High Plains cotton industry caucuses each year with other cotton groups within Texas to identify producers interested in serving as a volunteer leader.

      PCG encourages all qualified individuals interested in representing the High Plains as a representative to the Cotton Board, National Cotton Council, or Cotton Incorporated to contact PCG Executive Vice President Steve Verett for more information.

      Each year, a variety of volunteer positions within the NCC and Cotton Incorporated are filled directly through the industry's caucus process. In addition to naming representatives to the NCC and Cotton Incorporated, PCG and the Texas cotton industry also work together to identify and nominate qualified individuals to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for possible appointment as a Member or Alternate on the Cotton Board.

      Qualified individuals interested in serving on the Cotton Board, which oversees the highly successful U.S. Cotton Research & Promotion Program, also are encouraged to contact Verett at the PCG office in Lubbock to request additional information. PCG's telephone number is 806-792-4904.

      To be a qualified producer nominee for the Cotton Board, an individual should be actively engaged in cotton production at the time of nomination, be committed to the mission of the Cotton Board and the Cotton Research and Promotion Program, and have demonstrated leadership skills and experience.

      "Whether it is a nomination to serve on the Cotton Board or appointment to a leadership position within the National Cotton Council or Cotton Incorporated, the membership of Plains Cotton Growers has proven to be fertile ground for leaders within our industry," Verett said. "Our industry owes much to the dedicated men and women who step forward to serve their fellow producers. We look forward to extending that tradition of leadership in the years ahead."

      Editor's Note: The Cotton Board seeks to promote diversity and ensure equal opportunity and inclusion for all those who qualify for nomination and appointment to the Cotton Board regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, disability, socio-economic status, religion or sexual orientation.


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High Plains Water District Adds New

Features to Interactive Web Map

Friday, June 2, 2017                From High Plains Water District

      Tipping bucket rain gauge data and a search function are recent additions to the interactive map feature on the HPWD website (

      Selecting 'Rain Gauge Network" on the top menu allows access to a map showing each of the 23 rain gauge locations as a blue dot.  Clicking the dot brings up a link to a bar chart with cumulative rainfall for the year.  Another mouse click on the rainfall data expands the chart to display rainfall totals for each day of the month.  The site also features a link to 2016 rainfall data.

      Prior to May 2017, the majority of rain gauges were located within the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation (TAWC) project field sites.  Since then, more locations have been added near the district's observation well sites. These gauges help validate the precipitation totals from other sources, which are primarily radar-estimated.

      A search function gives visitors the opportunity to locate map features by city, district well number, place name, and longitude and latitude.  It is available by selecting the magnifying glass icon.

      "These are just a few of the new improvements planned for the interactive map in the coming months.  We invite people to use the map functions and provide feedback on them. HPWD staff are always looking for new ways to improve this web based tool," said Manager Jason Coleman.