High Plains Growers Begin Cotton Harvest

Friday, October 2, 2015                    By Mary Jane Buerkle

      After the late start to the 2015 Texas High Plains cotton crop, not many expected cotton harvesting equipment to be rolling very early. However, activity over the past couple of weeks should erase any doubt about how quickly this year's crop caught up, thanks in large part to the warm September that fulfilled the hopes of many producers.

      Harvest activity increases by the day, as some producers are just beginning to apply defoliant while others are running cotton harvesters and building modules. A few gins already have processed their first bale and have added a night crew.

      For producers considering harvest-aid applications, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has made their 2015 High Plains and Northern Rolling Plains Cotton Harvest-Aid Guide available. A link to the guide is at http://www.plainscotton.org.

      Slight chances of rainfall are in the short-term weather forecast, but activity is expected to increase dramatically over the next week, barring any significant rainfall events.

      "We've talked all season about how this crop was behind, but the heat unit accumulation in August and September has been pretty amazing," PCG Executive Vice President Steve Verett said. "I think we're seeing some good signs. We've heard from some growers with dryland acreage who have been pleasantly surprised by their yields, which is encouraging. Every little bit will help toward the bottom line for our producers and the rest of our infrastructure."


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Upcoming Area Field Days

      October 6 – Hockley/Cochran Counties Cotton Field Day – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, 9 a.m., a half-mile west of the ALON gas station in Whiteface on the south side of Highway 114. Questions: Wes Utley, 806-894-3159, or Kendra Bilbery, 806-266-5215.

      October 6 – Americot Field Day, 9 a.m., Texas Tech Quaker Farm (Lubbock County North). Questions: Chiree Fields, 806-793-1431.

      October 7 – Americot Field Day, 9 a.m., Texas Tech Quaker Farm (Lubbock County South). Questions: Chiree Fields, 806-793-1431.

      October 7 – Deltapine Field Day, 10 a.m., Nichols Barn in Seminole. Questions: Eric Best, 806-790-4646.

      October 8 – Deltapine Field Day, Noon, Steve Chapman Farm near Lorenzo. Questions: Eric Best, 806-790-4646


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Cotton Incorporated Announces 2015 Cotton

Research & Promotion Hall of Fame Class

Friday, October 2, 2015                       From The Cotton Board

      Cotton Incorporated recently announced the 2015 class of the Cotton Research and Promotion Hall of Fame. The program, now in its second year, recognizes U.S. cotton industry leaders that have made significant contributions to the Program or to the cotton industry in general.

      The five honorees for the 2015 Cotton Research and Promotion Hall of fame include: Dr. Fred Bourland (Arkansas); David Burns (North Carolina); Jim Hansen (California); Dr. Preston Sasser (North Carolina); and Hugh Summerville (Alabama).

      Dr. Fred Bourland is acknowledged for his extensive contributions to U.S. cotton plant breeding. In a career spanning more than 40 years, Bourland developed valuable plant measurements and techniques that aided the release of more than 80 cotton lines (germplasm and cultivars) for the Mid-South region.
      David Burns served as Cotton Board Chairman during the integration of importers to the Board. In this role, Burns facilitated the easy assimilation of the importer constituency to the Program, and kept growers and importers focused on common goals.

      Jim Hansen has provided outstanding leadership to the Cotton Research and Promotion Program. He is the only person to serve as both Chairman of the Cotton Incorporated Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Cotton Board. Mr. Hansen also has served as Chairman of Supima and is a long-time board member of California Cotton Growers and Ginners Association.

      Dr. Preston E. Sasser is widely regarded as one of the cotton industry's leading research experts. During his tenure as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Cotton Incorporated's Research Division, Dr. Sasser led research that addressed health issues in cotton textile processing, and oversaw the development and implementation of cotton-testing technology.

      Hugh Summerville elevated the participation of the Board of Directors during his time as Cotton Incorporated Chairman, and fostered the strong relationship between the Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated that still exists today. He also was a champion of the Cotton Incorporated World Headquarters and its role as an incubator for cotton innovation.

      The 2015 honorees of the Cotton Research and Promotion Program Hall of Fame were chosen from nominations made by Certified Producer and Importer Organizations and voted upon by the Chairman's Committee of the Cotton Incorporated Board of Directors. The honorees will be formally inducted into the Cotton Research and Promotion Program Hall of Fame at the joint Cotton Incorporated/Cotton Board annual meeting in December.