Reports of Bacterial Blight in Cotton

Have Plant Pathologists Seeking Samples

Friday, August 21, 2015 From Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

      Weather conditions experienced this season throughout most cotton producing regions of Texas have been conducive for the development of foliar diseases, such as bacterial blight. Furthermore, the causal agent of the disease can infect cotton plants during any growth stage.

      During this time of year, the disease is easiest to identify on leaves and bolls in the lower canopy. Initial symptoms consist of small, pinpoint lesions on foliage. As the disease progresses, lesions take on a blocky, angular shape as the bacterium is not capable of crossing veins found within leaves.

      Premature defoliation and fruit abortion are often associated with the aforementioned symptoms. Later in the season, the bacterium may infect developing bolls causing a boll rot. The appearance of disease symptoms differs on bolls with the lesions having a circular appearance, as there are no veins to limit growth of the bacterium.

      Earlier this season, subtle differences in symptom expression were observed on varieties that were previously documented as being resistant to bacterial blight. While angular lesions still occur, the middle portion of the lesion has a distinctly different appearance with the center of the lesion more degraded and falling out, giving the infected tissue a 'shot hole' appearance.

      Furthermore, infected leaves of 'resistant' varieties tend to turn chlorotic more readily. Recent field observations have shown that most all varieties evaluated for bacterial blight have exhibited some level of disease.

      In order to determine why the disease is so widespread and developing on resistant varieties, plant pathologists at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Lubbock are working to implement a sampling program.

      AgriLife scientists are asking producers, consultants, dealers, distributors, seed and chemical representatives, as well as anyone else involved in the cotton industry to contact your local county extension agent if they identify fields exhibiting symptoms of bacterial blight.

      Samples of symptomatic leaves should be collected, placed in a plastic bag and shipped to the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, 1102 East FM 1294 Lubbock, TX 79403 c/o Dr. Terry Wheeler or Dr. Jason Woodward.

      The following information should accompany submitted samples: 1) variety name, 2) estimated level of severity (i.e., low, moderate or high), as well as 3) GPS coordinates of the field (to allow for further monitoring or subsequent sampling).

      If you have any questions regarding the appearance of the disease or need additional information about the sampling please contact either Dr. Wheeler (806-746-6101; or Dr. Woodward (806-632-0762;


Special Ticket Pricing Available for

Celebrate Cotton Game

Friday, August 21, 2015                       By Mary Jane Buerkle

      Those in the cotton industry who want to see the Texas Tech Red Raiders take on the University of Texas-El Paso in the Celebrate Cotton game on Saturday, September 12, at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock have a special promotional code to purchase tickets to that game.

      Be sure you have your game tickets by visiting and entering COTTON15, or calling the Texas Tech Ticket Office at (806) 742-TECH (8324) and asking for the Cotton Game special pricing.

      Individual tickets start at just $35 each, and the game time is at 2 p.m. Season tickets also are still available for purchase.

      PCG has proudly partnered with Texas Tech Athletics to establish this fun event that puts the High Plains cotton industry on a national stage. Cotton will be everywhere before and throughout the game, from displays around the stadium to promotion, special graphics and fun cotton facts during the game.

      Special gameday T-shirts will be distributed (first-come, first-serve!) and cotton bales will line each entrance to the stadium, each with signage talking about what the cotton in that bale can make or how it impacts our economy.

      An addition to the Cotton Game festivities for 2015 is a runway show featuring cotton products, scheduled for Thursday, September 10, at 7:30 p.m. at South Plains Mall. The Texas Tech Retailing Association is assisting with coordinating the show.

      Partners for Celebrate Cotton include AgTexas Farm Credit Services, Agri-Tech, Bayer CropScience, City Bank, Crop Production Services, Deltapine, Eco-Drip, Warren CAT, Hurst Farm Supply, and Wylie Implement and Spray Centers.

      Several additional cotton-related activities are scheduled during Cotton Game week.

      The Texas Cotton Association will host their Flow Meeting Thursday and Friday, September 10 and 11, at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center. They also will partner with the Lubbock Cotton Exchange and the Texas Independent Ginners Association to host a golf tournament on Thursday, September 10, at The Rawls Course.

      The West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute Annual Conference will be Wednesday, September 9.

      The Texas Ag Industries Association will host their Lubbock Regional Meeting on September 10.

      For more information on any of these events, please call PCG at (806) 792-4904. Spread the word! Let's make this game a huge success for cotton!


The Cotton Board Recommends $76 Million

Cotton Inc. Budget to Secretary of Agriculture

Friday, August 14, 2015                 From The Cotton Board

      During its Annual Meeting in Miami, Fla., The Cotton Board reviewed and voted to recommend Cotton Incorporated's proposed 2016 budget of $76 million to the Secretary of Agriculture. This is a $4 million decrease from the 2015 budget. Based on projected collections, The Cotton Board will draw approximately $8 million from reserves to fund the program in 2016.

      Even with a reduction in the overall 2016 budget, funds for consumer-based programs will increase. Through a new ad campaign and a tighter focus on research and marketing areas that will yield the greatest returns for cotton, the Cotton Research and Promotion Program has a clear goal for the coming year, building cotton's market share.

      In Cotton Incorporated's 2016 plan, many longer-term focused research programs will be streamlined in order to increase funding for the company's new "Favorites" advertising campaign. This campaign, which is based on considerable consumer research such as focus groups, features a strong reminder to consumers as to why their cotton garments tend to be their favorites. There is an additional call-to-action message to check the fiber-content label before buying. Television advertising will remain an important medium for 2016, but the new campaign was designed to also work effectively in digital media and with Cotton Incorporated's supply chain marketing activities.

      The budget and plan, along with The Cotton Board's recommendation of approval, will be forwarded to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for final approval.

      During its Business Session, The Cotton Board elected new officers to guide the Program, including Aaron Barcellos to serve as Chairman for the 2015/2016 Program year.

      Barcellos, a cotton producer from Los Banos, Calif., commented on his election, saying, "Over the years I've grown very attached to the cotton industry, and I am grateful for this opportunity to give back just a portion of what it has meant to me and my family. My goal for the coming year is to continue to foster the excellent relationship we have with Cotton Incorporated and to use all of our resources to help reverse the current downtrend in cotton's market share. There are many people in the cotton industry who are depending on us to make a difference, and I believe that together we can."

      Before passing the gavel to Barcellos, outgoing Chairman David Grant, a cotton producer from Garysburg, N.C., said, "Aaron has a distinguished record of service to the Cotton Board. He consistently tackles challenges with great character, thoughtfulness, and determination and I know he'll do the same as he leads our Program."

      The full slate of newly elected Cotton Board officers is as follows: Aaron Barcellos, Producer from Los Banos, Calif., Chairman; Janet Ydavoy, Importer from Yardley, Pa., Vice-Chair; George LaCour Jr., Producer from Morganza, La., Secretary; and Peter McGrath, Importer from Dallas, Texas, Treasurer.


West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute

Annual Conference


Wednesday, September 9

Early Registration Deadline: Monday, August 31


Approved CEUs: 5 TDA, 6 CCA


See the program and register today!


Upcoming Area Field Days

      September 15 – All-Tex/Dyna-Gro Field Day, 9 a.m., 1921 West Avenue, Levelland. Lunch served at noon. Questions: Cody Poage, 806-894-4901.

      September 16 – Texas Alliance for Water Conservation Field Day, 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Floyd County Unity Center in Muncy. Lunch served at noon. More information:

      September 30 – Bayer CropScience West Texas Field Day, location in the Lubbock area to be determined. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. Questions: contact your local Bayer CropScience sales representative.

      October 6 – Americot Field Day, 9 a.m., Texas Tech Quaker Farm (Lubbock County North). Questions: Chiree Fields, 806-793-1431.

      October 7 – Americot Field Day, 9 a.m., Texas Tech Quaker Farm (Lubbock County South). Questions: Chiree Fields, 806-793-1431.

      October 7 – Deltapine Field Day, 10 a.m., Nichols Barn in Seminole. Questions: Eric Best, 806-790-4646.

      October 8 – Deltapine Field Day, Noon, Steve Chapman Farm near Lorenzo. Questions: Eric Best, 806-790-4646.


House Ag Committee Chairman Conaway to Speak

at Plains Ginners Association Meeting

      Plains Ginners Association will host their annual meeting and golf tournament on Monday, August 31.

      The annual meeting will begin with registration at 7:30 a.m. at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock. The program begins at 8 a.m., and lunch will be served at noon.

      Keynote speaker will be U.S. Rep. Mike Conaway, who serves as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. Other speakers include Reece Langley with the National Cotton Council, Dr. Darren Hudson with Texas Tech University, and Dr. Peter Dotray with Texas Tech University and Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension.

      For more information on the meeting, call Keith Grayson at 806-777-2701. Please RSVP for the lunch to Julie Wheeler at PCG, 806-792-4904.

      The golf tournament will follow the annual meeting. Registration will be at 1:30 p.m., with a shotgun start at 2 p.m. The tournament will be held at the Shadow Hills Golf Course, located near Fourth Street and Frankford Avenue in Lubbock.

      To sign up for the golf tournament, call Darryl Dawson at 806-763-4371 or email