CCI's COTTON USA Logo Approved for

Usage on U.S. Bale Packaging

Friday, April 10, 2015                          By Mary Jane Buerkle

      Cotton grown and ginned in the United States now visually can stand out even further among packaged bales, thanks to a resolution adopted by the National Cotton Council's delegate body at their meeting in February.

      In an April 7 memo from the NCC to officers, board of directors, board advisors, and interest organizations, President and CEO Gary Adams advised that Cotton Council International has given permission to use their new CCI COTTON USA logo for this purpose. The logo can be used on U.S. bale packaging for both domestic and overseas sales.

     The actual language in the resolution, which originated with the National Cotton Ginners Association, reads as follows: "Urge the National Cotton Council, Cotton Council International, Cotton Incorporated, and other industry organizations to promote the design and use, on a voluntary basis, of an exclusive U.S. cotton logo, for cotton bales that visually distinguishes U.S. grown and ginned cotton from other cotton growths in domestic and foreign markets."

      Bale packaging suppliers soon will receive information on how to obtain a license at no charge to use the CCI COTTON USA logo.

      "Although the program is voluntary, PCG urges gins and others involved in the bale packaging process to use the CCI COTTON USA logo on materials in order to more easily distinguish U.S. grown and ginned cotton," PCG Executive Vice President Steve Verett said.


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NCC Names New Economic Services Director

Thursday, April 2, 2015     From the National Cotton Council

      Dr. Jody L. Campiche has been named director of the NCC's Economic Services Department.

      Since 2009, she has been an assistant professor and Extension economist in Oklahoma State University's Department of Agricultural Economics. Her primary responsibilities at OSU included analysis of federal, state and local policy alternatives and the potential implications for the agricultural economy. Dr. Campiche's extension responsibilities included education of producers and commodity groups on policy related issues. Her work also included the development of decision aids to analyze commodity program and crop insurance options.

      Dr. Campiche earned her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in agricultural economics after receiving her master's and bachelor's degrees from OSU. She has authored numerous journal articles and been active in agricultural economics associations.



Cotton Board Plans Women in Ag Tour

Friday, April 10, 2015                        From The Cotton Board

      The Cotton Board is in the planning stage for a "Women in Ag" tour of Cotton Incorporated headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. Women who grow U.S. cotton are invited to participate in the tour, which will take place June 14-16. 

      The tour will include discussions with research and marketing directors at Cotton Incorporated and a short training in social media.

      Space for the tour is limited, so if you would like to participate, please contact your Regional Communication Manager at to reserve your spot.


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Cotton Board Meets in California

for Strategic Planning

Friday, April 10, 2015                        From The Cotton Board

      In early March, The Cotton Board held a planning meeting in Del Mar, California to review Cotton Incorporated proposed plans for 2016 and develop strategic recommendations for the Cotton Research and Promotion Program.

      "It is the charge of The Cotton Board to help give overall direction to the Cotton Research and Promotion Program," said David Grant, Cotton Board Chairman and North Carolina cotton producer. "Each year we pull together the expertise of those on our board - that includes cotton producers and cotton importers - to make recommendations to Cotton Incorporated and establish their budget for the next year. The ideas developed in our committees and with Cotton Incorporated are dynamic and strategic. They help to ensure that the program is well guided, especially when we are facing the challenges of this coming season."  

      Each producer and importer board member of The Cotton Board sits on one of four program committees: Consumer Marketing, Global Supply Chain Marketing, Agricultural Research, and Research & Development. The committees review plans by Cotton Incorporated for the following year and help develop ideas and direction to advance the program. 

      Prior to the committee meetings, the board heard from three keynote speakers to gather insight pertinent to strategic decisions made in the committees. J. Berrye Worsham gave a Program overview & strategic outlook. Jarral Neeper, President and CEO of Calcot, Ltd., gave a 2015 cotton market economic outlook. And, Marshall Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst of The NPD Group, Inc., gave the board an inside look at trends and direction of the retail market. 

      The next full meeting of The Cotton Board will be held in August, when the board will review and decide on the proposed 2016 plan and budget from Cotton Incorporated before forwarding it on to Secretary of Agriculture for final approval.