Cotton SCO Endorsement To Incorporate

Cottonseed Coverage

Friday, February 6, 2015                                 By Shawn Wade

Cotton producers considering the new Supplemental Coverage Option endorsement in 2015 have an additional reason to give the new shallow-loss coverage product a look – the ability to have it also incorporate cottonseed coverage via the Cottonseed (Pilot) Endorsement.

Although very little information is available detailing the specifics of how the SCO endorsement will incorporate cottonseed coverage, a November 19, 2014 press release issued by the USDA Risk Management Agency included cottonseed in the list of crops that would have SCO coverage available in 2015. County level actuarial information available on the USDA RMA website also includes references to the cottonseed endorsement alongside the actuarial data for the SCO endorsement.

Specific details about how cottonseed coverage can be incorporated with the SCO endorsement for cotton will eventually be available from local crop insurance providers.

At this time, it appears growers who have added the Cottonseed (Pilot) Endorsement to a Yield or Revenue-based multi-peril insurance policy also would have their yield-based cottonseed coverage extended to a Supplemental Coverage Option endorsement if it is also purchased on a cotton lint policy.

Cottonseed coverage WILL NOT be available to growers on acres covered by the Stacked Income Protection Plan (STAX) in 2015.

With the 2014 harvest season essentially complete, cotton producers across the U.S. have been busy evaluating the many new options that were incorporated into the Federal Crop Insurance program by Congress in the 2014 Farm Bill. With one of those new additions being a Supplemental Coverage Option endorsement that will apparently be able to provide area-based, shallow loss coverage for both cotton lint and cottonseed, the safety net options for growers is expanded even further.


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COTTON USA Highlights U.S. Cotton

Textile Mills at Colombiatex

Friday, February 6, 2015         From Cotton Council International

Six U.S. textile mills joined the COTTON USA Sourcing Program's booth at the Colombiatex trade show in Medellin, Colombia, in an effort to strengthen business opportunities for U.S. cotton in the Latin American textile sector.

Participating U.S. textile mills were: Alamac American Knits, LLC; Buhler Quality Yarns Corp.; Frontier Spinning Mills, Inc.; Hamrick Mills, Inc.; Milliken; and Parkdale.

Colombiatex gathered 500 exhibitors; 9,168 national buyers; and 1,760 international visitors from 41 countries. This year's event garnered $306 million in business expectations (65% of which represent fabrics, mainly made with cotton), a 15% increase over the 2014 fair.

The COTTON USA Sourcing Program displayed the joint COTTON USA/Cotton Incorporated logo and its 13 U.S. mill logos on the booth, as well as on 8,000 bags and exhibitors' guides. Cotton Incorporated also participated in Colombiatex, conducting conferences on denim trends, athletic wear and retail and digital consumers. Additionally, Cotton LEADSĒ had a space in the booth to advertise its benefits and member companies around the world.

To further strengthen business ties between U.S. mills and regional textile companies, the COTTON USA Sourcing Program also coordinated an industry event on Jan. 28 for more than 70 attendees.