RMA Sets Final 2013 Cottonseed, Lint Prices

Friday, March 1, 2013                       By Mary Jane Buerkle

      Producers considering their options for 2013 regarding crop insurance now know the national cottonseed and projected cotton lint prices for 2013, which have been approved at 11 cents per pound or $220/ton, and 83 cents/pound for counties with March 15 sales closing dates, respectively.

      The cottonseed price did not change from 2012, but as expected, the lint price is 10 cents lower per pound than the 93-cent price growers had in 2012.

      On the Texas High Plains, March 15 is the federal crop insurance sales closing date for initiating or cancelling insurance coverage. The projected price for cotton lint is calculated using the average closing price of the December 2013 contract for the month of February.

      More than 64 percent of all cotton lint policies sold in Texas in 2012 incorporated the new Cottonseed Endorsement Program, and it is expected that producers will continue to add this option to their risk management strategy in 2013.

      Under the endorsement cottonseed is insured against yield losses that might occur during the growing season. There is NO revenue component attached to this program.

      Precipitation, primarily snow, fell across much of the PCG service area this past week. Some areas have recorded above average rainfall so far for 2013, but more is needed to get this year's crop to an optimal start. However, it certainly is promising to see what appears to be a change in weather patterns from the past two years.

      Final classing results are in for the 2012 crop, and in Lubbock, 2,207,446 samples were classed this season. Just more than 77 percent for the season were color grade 21 and better. Average leaf for the season is 2.57, with average length 35.42. In Lamesa, 683,027 samples were classed this season. Almost 72 percent for the season were color grade 21 and better. Average leaf for the season is 2.61, with average length 35.20.



"TCGA╔An Important Link to Texas Cotton"

Is Theme of TCGA Trade Show April 4 and 5

      The Texas Cotton Ginners Association's 106th Annual Meeting and Cotton Trade Show is scheduled for April 4 and 5 at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

      The trade show will be open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 4, and from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday, April 5. The show is a chance for ginners, employees, and customers to see the latest in ginning technology and to meet others in the industry to discuss important issues and the latest trends. It also is an opportunity for attendees to educate company directors, stockholders, and other key personnel on the role ginners play in the industry.     

      More information, including a complete schedule of events, hotel reservation form, meeting pre-registration and event forms is available on the TCGA website at http://www.tcga.org.




PCG's 56th Annual Meeting

Friday, April 5

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

9 a.m.-Noon


More information coming soon!


HPWD Board Approves Deadline Extension

Friday, March 1, 2013       From the High Plains Water District

      Following a Feb. 19 public hearing, the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPWD) Board of Directors unanimously approved rule amendments allowing an extension of the reporting deadline for groundwater produced during calendar year 2012.

      Problems with the district's meter reporting web site prompted the rule amendment which extends the production reporting deadline to June 1, 2013.  The first annual production reports for calendar year 2012 were to be submitted to the district no later than March 1, 2013.

      The amendment to District Rule 5.17 reads as follows: "Notwithstanding Subsection (d), the first annual production report required under this rule is for production during calendar year 2012 and must be submitted to the District no later than June 1, 2013.  All annual production reports thereafter shall continue to be due March 1 as required under Subsection (d). This subsection does not impact the temporary moratorium on fines established under Section VII of the District's Enforcement Policy and Civil Penalty Schedule.  This subsection shall automatically expire and be of no further force and effect on January 1, 2014."

      Two persons spoke in favor of the deadline extension at the public hearing, which was held immediately before the regular monthly Board of Directors meeting.

      Lynn Tate of Amarillo, president of the HPWD Board of Directors, thanked everyone for their patience in working with the new system and asks anyone encountering problems with the reporting program to contact the district office at (806) 762-0181 or by e-mail at jed.leibbrandt@hpwd.com or gerald@hpwd.com.

      Created in 1951 by local residents and the Texas Legislature, the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 is charged with conserving, preserving, protecting, and preventing waste of groundwater within its 16-county service area.


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Upcoming Area Ag Conferences

      NOTE: A complete list, along with program agendas when made available, can be found on the Plains Cotton Growers website at http://www.plainscotton.org/agconferences.html

      March 5 - Beef Cattle Workshop, Lipscomb - Contact J.R. Sprague, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-862-4601.

      March 7 - Peanut Workshop, Morton - Contact Jeff Molloy, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-266-5215.

      March 7 - Prepping for Peanut Workshop, Brownfield - Contact Chris Bishop, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-637-4060.

      March 20 - Corn Conference, Ochiltree Expo, Perryton - Contact Scott Strawn, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-435-4501.

      March 25 - Beef Cattle Short Course, Post - Contact Greg Jones, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-495-4400.

      March 26 - Rebuilding the Cow Herd, Rita Blanca Coliseum, Dalhart - Contact Mike Bragg, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-244-4434.

      March 26 - Business Expo, Mallet Center, Levelland - Contact Kerry Siders, Extension Agent-IPM, for more information at 806-894-3159.

      March 27 - Pre-Plant Cotton Update, Tahoka - Contact Bryan Reynolds, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-561-4562.

      March 28 - Beef Issues Meeting, Clarendon - Contact Leonard Haynes, County Extension Agent-AG, for more information at 806-874-2141.

      If you have another conference to add to this list, or if you have an agenda you'd like to link, please call PCG at (806) 792-4904.



Cotton Incorporated to Host Price Risk

Management Seminar in Lubbock

      Cotton Incorporated is set to host a series of basic and intermediate workshops addressing topics such as market-based strategies for how to manage price risk for the 2013 crop season.

      One of the Cotton Price Risk Management Seminars will be held in Lubbock on Wednesday, April 3, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Overton Hotel & Conference Center, 2322 Mac Davis Lane. This seminar is sponsored by Cotton Incorporated in cooperation with Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.

      Part of the Cotton Price Risk Management and Pricing Strategies seminar series, the one-day workshop is designed to help cotton producers increase their understanding of what options on cotton futures contracts are and what they can do to help increase their returns from cotton. Sessions will cover the basics of cotton futures and options, specific hedging strategies involving the use of cotton options contracts, producer perspective, and a market outlook.

      Primary instructors for the seminars will be Dr. Carl Anderson and Dr. John Robinson, with Mr. Joe O'Neill, Dr. O.A. Cleveland, and Mr. Jarral Neeper providing additional information and market outlook. Speakers may vary depending on location.

      No attendance fees are required to attend the seminars and lunch will be provided. To register, contact Kay Wriedt at Cotton Incorporated by phone 919-678-2271 or email kwriedt@cottoninc.com. Space is limited so please register as soon as possible.



2013 Ginner School Registration Opens

Friday, February 22, 2013 From the National Cotton Council

      Registration is open for the 2013 Ginner Schools. Dates and locations for the schools are: Southwest Ginners School in Lubbock, TX – April 1-3; Western Ginners School, Las Cruces, NM – May 7-9; and Stoneville Ginners School, Stoneville, MS – June 4-6. All schools will be conducted at the USDA ginning laboratories in those locations. Registration can be completed online at http://www.cotton.org/ncga/ginschool/index.cfm.

      The Level I, II and III courses run from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. each day and each level of Ginner Schools' coursework is built on the previous level of instruction, with Level I serving as the foundation. It is recommended that all new students, regardless of gin experience, start with Level I.

      Level I courses are: Introduction to Cotton Ginning and the Industry; Maintenance of Auxiliary Gin Components; Basic Hydraulics; Basic Gin Safety; Maintenance and Adjustments for Seed Cotton Cleaners, Gin Stands, and Lint Cleaners; Air Utilization and Drying; and Electricity in the Gin.

      Level II offerings include: Purpose and Operating Principles of Individual Gin Machines; Efficient Operation, Adjustment, and Maintenance of Gin Equipment; Pneumatics and Waste Collection; Electrical Systems; Hydraulic Systems; Gin Safety; Management Tips; and Roller Ginning (at the Western School only).

      Level III features: Review of Functions of a Ginning System; Electrical Systems; Air Systems in the Gin; Drying and Moisture Restoration Systems; Matching Machinery Capacities in the System; Seed Cotton Unloading Systems and Management of Seed Cotton Handling Systems; Bale Presses and Hydraulic Systems; Safety Programs and Labor Regulations; Cottonseed Handling Systems; and Roller Ginning (at the Western School only).

      In addition to Levels I, II and III, all schools will feature a two-day continuing education (CE) course for certified ginners and gin managers/superintendents. The CE course at the Southwest school will be held on April 1-2. CE topics at the Southwest school are: PLC – purpose, function, and remote service; automated bagging and strapping/tying systems; overview of the importance of proper equipment adjustments; decreasing lint loss; round module handling and ginning; plastic contamination and prevention; and commercial moisture measuring devices and moisture restoration.

      School cooperators include USDA's Agricultural Research Service; USDA Extension Service; NCGA and its member associations; NCC, Cotton Incorporated; gin machinery/equipment manufacturers and suppliers; Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Services; and select land grant universities. Contact NCGA at (901) 274-9030 or http://www.cotton.org/ncga/ginschool/index.cfm for more information.