CCC Revises Schedules for Upland Cotton

Loan Rate Differentials

      The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) recently announced revised loan rate ranges and base-quality ranges for upland cotton strength and length uniformity, and changes to the staple lengths for which distinct color and leaf loan rate differentials are provided.

      CCC uses measures of strength and length uniformity in determining the price support value of a bale of upland cotton. The base-quality ranges for these factors are those for which loan rate premiums and discounts do not apply.

      Effective with the loan schedule for 2012 crop upland cotton, the value ranges for strength and length uniformity loan rate adjustments will be denoted in whole units, consistent with the price reporting of the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). For example, the 2011-crop loan adjustments were provided for ranges such as 25.5 - 26.4 grams per tex for strength and 79.5 - 82.4 percent for length uniformity. Effective for the 2012 crop, whole-unit ranges are established such as 25.0 - 25.9 grams per tex for strength and 80.0 - 80.9 percent for length uniformity.

      Effective with the 2012 crop loan schedule, the base quality range for strength is established at 26.0 - 28.9 grams per tex and for length uniformity at 80.0 - 81.9 percent. These new ranges are consistent with AMS price reporting and the objectives of the marketing assistance loan program.

      CCC is also revising the upland cotton staple lengths for which distinct differentials are provided. All upland cotton having staple lengths of 31/32-inch and shorter will be subject to one distinct schedule of color grade and leaf differentials. Additionally, upland cotton of staple length 37/32-inch will be subject to color grade and leaf differentials separate from those applicable to all upland cotton of staple lengths of 38/32-inch and longer.

      To inquire about these revisions to loan rate base-quality ranges, please contact Gene Rosera, Economic and Policy Analysis Staff at (202) 720-8837 or by e-mail at



Area Ag Conferences Scheduled

The following area ag conferences have been scheduled for March:

      March 27 Hockley County Ag Exposition, Mallet Event Center, Levelland Contact Robert Scott, County Extension Agent-AG, 806-894-3159.

      March 29 Turf Management, Wellington Contact Josh Brooks, County Extension Agent-AG, 806-259-3015.

      March 29 Range Sustainability Workshop, Lipscomb Contact J.R. Sprague, County Extension Agent-AG, 806-862-4601.

      A complete conference list can be found on PCG's website at


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PCG's 55th Annual Meeting

Friday, March 30

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

9 a.m.-Noon


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Deadline for TALL Applications is March 15

      Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership Program is seeking applicants for its new class, which will begin in July 2012. TALL is a two-year leadership development program managed by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Applications for the newest class, Class XIII, are due March 15, 2012. Application forms may be found online at

      "Texas agriculture has a need for individuals who can lead our industry as it faces new and unique challenges. These individuals will provide the leadership, insight and direction to ensure agricultural viability for the future, "said Dr. Jim Mazurkiewicz, AgriLife Extension leadership program director.

      The program invests 455 hours of intensive training per person in seminars, speakers and domestic and international study trips over two years, Mazurkiewicz added. Class XIII will travel to Brazil.

      The program is equivalent to the time spent obtaining a master's degree in agriculture. The typical class size is about 25, and tuition is $2,500.

      Mazurkiewicz said, "The goal of the program is to create a strong network within Texas agriculture by having representation from all agricultural industries and geographic regions."

      Participants include traditional crop producers, ranchers, bankers and attorneys, as well as those who work in lumber, food processing, agricultural corporations and horticultural industries.



PCG Makes Changes to Email Services

      Communication is one of Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.'s primary services, and a key element in PCG's communications strategy recently underwent some positive changes.

      PCG Email Services now will be administered through a different program which will allow subscribers to manage their profiles and have more control over which lists they join.

      If you already were on the email list, you should have received an email asking you to re-subscribe. Another way to subscribe to the email list is by clicking here:

      If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jane Buerkle at PCG, 806-792-4904, or