Production Estimate/Classing Office Totals
Divergent On Tough To Nail Down 2009 Crop

Friday, January 15, 2010                           By Shawn Wade

      The 2009 crop has been as hard to pin down as any in recent memory, and it appears that this will most likely be what is most remembered about this growing season once the dust has settled and ginning is finally completed on the Texas High Plains.

      Released on January 12, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) January 2010 Upland cotton production estimate for the Texas High Plains included yet another round of revisions lowering expected production from Texas Agricultural Statistics Service (TASS) reporting districts 1-N and 1-S by some 120,000 bales. The latest crop production estimate for 2009 Upland cotton in the High Plains region now stands at 3.78 million 480-pound bales.

      With ginning between 85 and 90 percent complete during the report's survey period, it appears the numbers in the January report are still a little off. In fact, it is likely that when the next, and final, district estimates are issued in late April or early May that another downward revision could occur.

      The reason for this expectation is that a review of USDA Cotton Classing office data from the Lubbock and Lamesa classing offices, whose service areas roughly align with the TASS districts in question, indicates total throughput of approximately 3.5 million running bales. That would translate into just over 3.6 million 480-pound statistical bales, some 180,000 bales less than the latest NASS estimate for the region.

      It is tough to say why such a difference continues to exist, or even why the 2009 crop has been so hard to figure out. For now, the best estimate for 2009's final tally is that it will most likely end up somewhere between 3.6 and 3.78 million bales.


2009 High Plains Cotton Quality Summary

            The following is a summary of the cotton classed at the Lubbock and Lamesa USDA Cotton Division Cotton Classing Offices for the 2009 production season.


Current Week:









21+ - 49.9%

31 - 40.1%





21+ - 43.8%

31 -46.9%




















Season Totals To Date:









21+ - 72.6%

31 - 24.5%





21+ - 50.5%

31 - 41.5%


















Source: USDA AMS


NCC Acreage Survey To Provide First Glimpse
Of 2010 Cotton Acres; Responses Due Jan.19

      The National Cotton Council's annual survey of 2010 planting intentions was recently distributed to upland and ELS cotton producers across the Cotton Belt. The survey, which is conducted each year to aid with industry planning and policy deliberations, provides the basis for the economic outlook presented to delegates during the NCC Annual Meeting in early February. Survey results will initially be presented to members of the American Cotton Producers on February 5.

         Producers who received surveys are encouraged to respond by the January 19 deadline. The current survey was distributed through a combination of regular mail and email with the intent of reaching all cotton farms across the Belt. Growers who did not receive a survey may contact the NCC via email at: for survey instructions.


CI: Storm DenimTM/Storm CottonTM Technology
Available Through Popular Retail Outlets

Friday, January 15, 2010                           By Shawn Wade

      U.S. retailers Harley Davidson, Eddie Bauer and Williamson Dickie have something in common that should draw the interest of cotton growers and consumers across the country – they each offer new products utilizing a breakthrough garment finishing technology from Cotton Incorporated.

      Officially known as STORM DENIM™ or STORM COTTON™, depending on the type of garment it is applied too, the technology provides the ability to add superior water repellency and protection from cold and damp weather conditions to fashionable cotton garments without sacrificing the cotton fabric's natural comfort.

      First introduced in 2006, the STORM DENIM™ finish was created with a very functional goal: to offer a high degree of water repellency for use as rainwear and outerwear and retaining the cotton's natural attributes.

      There is also a fashion angle to STORM DENIM™ that should encourage further adoption by garment retailers.

      "In the jeans segment, it's always about the next new thing," says David Earley, Cotton Incorporated Director of Supply Chain Marketing. "The industry has seen water-repellant denim finishes before, but they are usually applied in fabric form. This has been a limitation since most jeans are garment processed in some way to apply styling effects like whiskering, localized abrasion or decoloration processes. Applying in garment-form means the finish is applied at the last step, following any styling effects; creating more consumer benefits, more marketability for specific end uses and with that, more sales."

      The denim segment continues to evolve and remain fresh through design and technical innovations like the STORM DENIM™ finish.

      It is easy to imagine the broad range of consumers who would appreciate a jean or cotton garment that can stand up to a variety of activities in wet and cold conditions, without sacrificing the inherent fashionability of the product.

      Currently the STORM DENIM™ finish can be found in products offered by the three leading U.S. retailers mentioned above, as well as in products offered through international retailers Marks and Spencer (United Kingdom), Mark's Work Warehouse (Canada), and DAZZLE (China).

      While STORM DENIM™ products are the latest to be introduced, CI also has a number of other technologies that are seeing increased retail exposure. The list below includes product and contact information about retailers offering STORM DENIM™, NATURAL STRETCH™, WICKING WINDOWS™ and TOUGH COTTON™ technologies created through Cotton Incorporated research and the Cotton Research and Promotion Program.

Cotton Incorporated Technology
Adoptions at Retail



Harley Davidson Motor Company:

STORM COTTON™ black canvas pant – "Men's Junction Functional Pant" style #97346-10VM available online and at select dealer locations (Fall 2009).

Marks and Spencer (UK):

STORM DENIM™ Men's Jeans – "STORMWEAR™" Multiple jeans styles available in-store and online at

Eddie Bauer:

STORM DENIM™ Women's jean – "All Weather Curvy 5-Pocket" at select stores only (Holiday 2009).

STORM COTTON™ Men's Shirt – "Sportsman Shirt" in stores (on sale Fall 2009) and online at

STORM COTTON™Men's Pant – "All Weather Chino" in stores (Fall 2009) and online.

Williamson Dickie:

STORM COTTON™ Men's Fleece – "Storm Fleece" hooded jacket available at Sears and several independent retailers and online at

STORM DENIM™ Men's denim jeans available at Sears and several independent retailers and online

DAZZLE (China):

STORM DENIM™ – Women's jeans available in several Chinese retail outlets.

Mark's Work Warehouse (Canada):

STORM DENIM™ – Men's and Women's "HyperDRI®" Denim Jeans" available at Mark's Work Warehouse stores throughout Canada and online at

STORM COTTON™ – Men's Fleece Hoodies available at Mark's Work Warehouse stores throughout Canada and online.



Williamson Dickie:

"Women's Stretch Woven Shirt" – Available online at



Victoria's Secret:

VSX Sport Collection – "Body-Wick™" Yoga pants and sports bras available in select catalogs and online at



Wal-Mart / George Brand:

Boy's George™ Brand pant available at Wal-Mart stores.



The Cotton USDA Advantage:

CCI-FAX -- January 13, 2010

      CCI Board of Directors to meet in Memphis, TN. The meeting will be held at the Peabody Hotel in conjunction with the National Cotton Council's annual meeting, February 4-8, 2010. CCI's Export Promotion Committee will meet on Thursday, February 4, 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. (observers welcomed). CCI's Executive Committee will meet on Friday, February 5, 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. (by invitation only). CCI's Board will convene Friday, February 5, 9:30 a.m.- noon (open to all).

      CCI Taiwan sponsors the biggest New Year's Eve party held by the Taipei City Government. The COTTON USA Mark was clearly displayed on two large balloons in front of an audience of 760,000. COTTON USA Taiwan spokespeople Xiao Yu and Claire Kuo performed three COTTON USA songs at the concert, and their music videos were playing on the background LCD wall. The highlight of the event was a fireworks display on the Taipei 101 Tower for the final countdown to 2010. The concert was live broadcast for seven hours via Hit Fm Radio and Chunghwa Telecom Internet, "Hinet." The concert was re-broadcast five times via two TVBS TV channels. The earned advertising value for COTTON USA was $150,000.

      CCI Japan welcomes four new licensees to the COTTON USA family. CCI Japan recently added four companies to the COTTON USA Mark licensing program. They will affix the COTTON USA Mark to approximately 2 million pieces of quality U.S. cotton- rich towels annually. More than 65 metric tons of U.S. cotton will be consumed. The licensed companies include Maruei, Fujitaka, Maruyama and Hartwell.


2010 Production Conference & Meeting Dates




Jan. 13

"Reviewing alternative oilseed crop options for West Texas farmers" - Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Lubbock, TX; 9:30 AM-3 :30 PM

Further information contact Lubbock Co. Extension, (806) 775-1680; Register by January 11

Jan. 18

West Plains Ag Conference,
South Plains College, Sundown Room.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Hockley County, 806-894-3159.

Jan. 19

Drip Irrigation Workshop, Brownfield.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Terry County, 806-637-4060.

Jan. 19

Southern Mesa Ag Conference, Lamesa.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Dawson County, 806-872-3444.

Jan. 20

Caprock Crop Production Conference, Floyd County Friends Unity Center, Floydada.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Floyd County, 806-983-4912.

Jan. 21

Llano Estacado Cotton Conference, Muleshoe.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Bailey County, 806-272-4584.

Jan. 26

Alternative Crops Workshop, Seminole.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Gaines County, 432-758-4006.

Jan. 27

Crop Risk Management Workshop, Olton.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Lamb County, 806-385-4222.

Jan. 28

Profitability Workshop, Morton Activity Building.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Cochran County at 806-266-5215.

Jan. 29

Risk Management Workshop, Muleshoe.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Bailey County, 806-272-4584.

Feb. 2

Sandyland Ag Conference, Seminole.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Gaines County, 432-758-4006.

Feb. 3

Commercial Turf & Ornamental Workshop, Lubbock.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Lubbock County, 806-775-1680.

Feb. 9

Llano Estacado Corn Conference, Castro County Exposition Building, Dimmitt.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Castro County, 806-647-4115.

Feb. 9

SW Farm & Ranch Classic Farm Show, Lubbock Civic Center.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Lubbock County, 806-775-1680.

Feb. 10

South Plains Ag Conference, Brownfield.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Terry County, 806-637-4060.

Feb. 10

Cottonseed Variety Meeting, Farwell.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Parmer County at 806-481-3619.

Feb. 10

Hale/Swisher Crops Conference, Ollie Liner Center, Plainview.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Hale County, 806-291-5267.

Feb. 11

Cotton Production Meeting, Lamesa.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Dawson County, 806-872-3444.

Feb. 22

Cotton Production Meeting, Tahoka.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Lynn County, 806-561-4562.

Feb. 23

Cotton Variety Selection, Cotton Outlook and Fertilizer Management, Brownfield.

Contact AgriLife Extension office in Terry County, 806-637-4060.