Lincoln States Positions On Trade & Climate Change;
Monsanto Reduces Roundup Prices

Friday, September 18, 2009                      by Shawn Wade

      Topping the list of items likely to have caught the attention of farmers this week was an announcement from Monsanto regarding pricing of its Roundup brand agricultural herbicides. Not far behind though were reports detailing new Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Blanche Lincoln's positions on the key issues of agricultural trade and climate change.

Lincoln Clarifies Positions on Trade, Climate Change

      It hasn't taken the new Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman long to make her position on a number of key agriculture issues clear. Less than a week into her new job, Lincoln has proven to be a breath of fresh air for a U.S. agriculture sector that has taken more than its share of lumps over the past few years.

      As if her resumŽ wasn't enough of a hint that she would work to champion the interests of America's farmers and ranchers, Lincoln added further proof of her commitment to U.S. agriculture as she addressed two items of critical interest to U.S. farmers: WTO trade negotiations and climate change.

      Lincoln highlighted these two issues during a speech earlier this week. In her remarks the Senator offered her opinion that the WTO's Doha Development Agenda agricultural trade negotiations needed to "start over" because other countries have failed to match offers that have included substantial cuts to U.S. current farm support programs.

      In particular, Lincoln noted that advanced developing countries like China, India and Brazil have refused to offer new access to their markets for U.S. agricultural products in exchange for the U.S. farm subsidy cuts proposed by the Bush Administration. "If we do go back to the negotiating table, we must have a new [agricultural] text. We cannot go back to the old text," she said.

      On the issue of climate change Lincoln said she does not support the House-passed climate change bill and will not support a Senate bill that places burdens on agriculture and rural America similar to the House passed legislation.

Monsanto Lowers Roundup Prices

      Anyone keeping track of what has been going on at Monsanto over the course of the last few months has had their work cut out for them. Over the course of the last few months growers have seen Monsanto revamp its personnel structure and gain approval of a plan to phase the company's Bollgard¨ technology out of the cotton market.

      As if to keep the changes coming, Monsanto made what may be its biggest announcement to date on September 17 when it released a new pricing strategy for the company's flagship Roundup brand agricultural herbicide.

      According to yesterday's press release, Monsanto says it is "slashing price on its Roundup brand agricultural herbicides." Explained Monsanto's Glenn Stith, "We anticipate farmers will see Roundup prices that are 50 percent of what they were last year."

      Stith, Monsanto's North American crop protection lead, added that the new Roundup prices are "effective now" to allow retailers and farmers to plan for the 2010 planting season.


Revised 2009 High Plains/Northern Rolling Plains
Harvest Aid Guide Now Available

Friday, September 18, 2009                      By Shawn Wade

      The clock on the 2009 crop is rapidly winding down and the focus of High Plains cotton producers is rapidly shifting to the figuring out which harvest aid regimen they will implement this growing season.

      The best place for growers to go for sound advice in the harvest aid arena is the newly updated 2009 Harvest Aid Guide published by Dr. Randy Boman, Cotton Agronomist, Texas AgriLife Extension.

      A newly revised 2009 Harvest Aid Guide is now available on the Lubbock TAMU Research and Extension Center website. A downloadable copy of the 2009 Harvest Aid Guide can be found at:



September 17, 2009

      Taipei IN Style trade show attracts 11,000 visitors. The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council joined forces three years ago to launch Taipei IN Style (TIS) as a platform for Taiwan's apparel markers and retailers to connect with the international fashion industry. COTTON USA's 2009 spokespeople in Taiwan, Xiao Yu and Claire Kuo, attended CCI and Cotton Incorporated's booth at the show to promote U.S. cotton and U.S. textile products. They also designed U.S. cotton-rich T-shirts to auction. At TIS, CCI Taiwan recruited its first maternity clothing brand as a COTTON USA licensee, OHOH- MINI. They will label 31,000 garments with the COTTON USA Mark for Spring 2009, including dresses, pants, blouses and skirts, both woven and knit.

      CCI arranges factory and showroom visits in Hong Kong for COTTON USA licensee Ivy House. The CCI tour will take Ivy House, a new COTTON USA Key Account in China, to visit knit and denim fabric suppliers and garment manufacturers in Hong Kong. The tour will cover top quality U.S. cotton licensees in Hong Kong such as Fung Fat Knitting, New Jersey, Central Textile and King Master Garment. Ivy House is a Taiwanese children's wear brand and became a COTTON USA licensee in early 2009.

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Ivy House was not using U.S. cotton prior to CCI contacting them, but was very satisfied with the quality of U.S. cotton after their first order with COTTON USA licensee Shanghai Shen An Textile. Ivy House now uses increased quantities of U.S. cotton for upcoming collections and requested introductions to suitable COTTON USA suppliers. Ivy House plans to increase its retail outlets from 150 to 250 stores in Hong Kong and China by the end of 2010. Product quantities are expected to increase from around 800,000 pieces to around 1.8 million pieces. Importantly, Ivy House aims to use 100 percent U.S. cotton for its cotton collection and will continue increasing the proportion of cotton among other collections.

      Chinese design wins global T-shirt design competition. In honor of the International Year of Natural Fibers, CCI organized a T-shirt design competition in the following 10 countries: China, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the UK. Contestants submitted their T-shirt designs to represent the theme "Cotton's Natural World." Individual winners were selected in each country, and their designs faced off in a global competition. The winning design from China, titled "Buddha and Hands of Cotton," was selected as the international winner by a judging panel made up of representatives from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Cotton Incorporated and CCI.


September 17 Upland Cotton AWP Announcement

      The Department of Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corporation announced the adjusted world price (AWP) for Strict Low Middling (SLM) 1-1/16 inch (leaf grade 4, micronaire 3.5-3.6 and 4.3-4.9, strength 25.5-29.4 grams per tex, length uniformity of 79.5-82.4 percent) upland cotton (base quality), adjusted to U.S. quality and location, the fine count adjustment (FCA), the coarse count adjustment (CCA), and the loan deficiency payment rate that will be in effect from 12:01 a.m., Eastern Time, Friday, September 18, 2009, through midnight, Eastern Time, Thursday, September 24, 2009.

      The next announcement of the AWP, FCA, CCA, and LDP The next announcement of the AWP, FCA, CCA, and LDP rate for upland cotton will be on Thursday, September 24, 2009, at 4:00 p.m., Eastern Time.


September 17, 2009


Adjusted World Price (AWP)                                                       47.75

Fine Count Adjustment (FCA) 2008 Crop                              0.06

Fine Count Adjustment (FCA) 2009 Crop                              0.00

Coarse Count Adjustment (CCA)                                                    0.00

Loan Deficiency Payment Rate                                                    4.25


This week's AWP, FCA, and CCA are determined as follows:

FE Price                                                                                    64.12


         Avg. costs to market                             -13.07

         SLM 1-1/16 inch cotton                - 3.30

Sum of Adjustments                                                                 -16.37

ADJUSTED WORLD PRICE                                                47.75


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2009 High Plains Event Calendar



Floyd County Ag Tour


September 22

After CRP: Options for Expired Conservation Reserve Program Lands in the High Plains of Texas


Location: Randall Co. AgrLife Extension Center, 200 Brown Rd., Canyon, TX.

Time: 9:00 a.m.


September 24 – RSVP by Sept 22 to Palo Duro SWCD, Canyon, at 806-655-1055 ext. 3, or Tierra Blanca SWCD, Hereford, at 806-364-0530, ext. 3.

Motley/Dickens/Briscoe/Hall Counties Crop Tour

September 29



Industry Field Days:


Americot / NexGen Field Day


September 22 – corner of 146th Street and Martin Luther King Blvd., Lubbock


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September 22 – Consultant

September 23 – Producer


Bayer CropScience/Fibermax Field Days


October 1

October 2


All-Tex Seed Field Day

October 7



Waste Pesticide Cleanup Dates:


October 12 - Lubbock County

Crop Production Services, 880 Industrial Drive, Slaton, TX

Contact Lubbock County Extension Agent Mark Brown at 806-775-1680 ( for more information.


October 14, 2009 - Gaines County

Agriliance, 101 Loop Hwy (US 83), Seagraves, TX

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