Texas StateSupport Program Adds
Extra Punch To Grower Directed Research

Wednesday, November 21, 2007               By Shawn Wade

      Keeping growers involved inthe cotton research process has been a key ingredient in the success of theCotton Incorporated Research Program since the establishment of the U.S. CottonResearch & Promotion Program in 1966.

      Leading the way in thateffort is the Cotton Incorporated State Support Program, which returns apercentage of each year's Cotton Incorporated Operating Budget to each U.S.cotton producing state to fund locally oriented research projects.

      In Texas this responsibilityis vested in the Texas State Support Committee, which includes representativesfrom each of the nine cotton producer organizations in the state.

      In 2007 the Texas StateSupport Committee approved a total of 48 research projects and distributed justover $1 million dollars in Cotton Incorporated State Support funds.

      Growers interested inlearning more about this program, and the research that is being conducted ontheir behalf, are invited to attend the 2007 Texas State Support ProgramProject Review meeting in Lubbock December 4-5. Presentations will begin at9:00 a.m. each day.

      The review, which providesresearchers an opportunity to discuss the preliminary results of their 2007research projects with members of the Texas State Support Committee, is open toanyone who wants to attend. This year's meeting is being conducted at the USDACropping Systems Research Laboratory, located at 3810 4th Street inLubbock, Texas.

      Although less heralded thanCotton Incorporated's promotional activities, the Cotton Incorporated ResearchProgram is a key part of the U.S. cotton industry's success. CottonIncorporated's research activities are coordinated from the organization'sCary, NC headquarters.

      Encompassing everything fromtextile processing to the development of new cotton varieties CottonIncorporated research is working to fine-tune the tools, management practicesand marketing strategies that growers utilize on a daily basis.


CommodityOrganizations Ask U.S. Senate To
Oppose Effort To Gut Farm Bill Safety Net

Tuesday, November 20, 2007        from FarmPolicyFacts.com

Washington — Twenty-six organizations representing farmers andranchers from coast to coast are calling upon the U.S. Senate to oppose aneffort to gut the safety net provided to America's farmers in the 2007 farmbill.

      The November 16 letter urgedSenators to oppose the Farm, Ranch, Equity, Stewardship and Health (FRESH) Act(S. 2228) as either a stand-alone bill or as an amendment to the 2007 farmbill. "The FRESH Act eliminates the current safety net provided to US producersÉIt is critical to remember that farm bills are written for the long-term ratherthan short-term," the letter stated.

      According to the groups, thecommodity title of the farm bill has already been reduced by $57 billion: "Alltold, the commodity programs are projected to be about 10 percent of total farmbill spending, while more than 80 percent of the farm bill spending is alreadyslated for nutrition and conservation programs."

      Trade is also a major concernfor U.S. producers: "US farm policy should continue toward a more level playingfield in the global market by providing assistance to America's farmers.However, this goal is not achieved by writing a farm bill that complies withwhat someone assumes will be the potential outcome of the WTO negotiations."

      The letter concluded, "Whilewe support strong conservation, nutrition, and energy programs, additionalsupport for these programs should not come at the expense of adequate fundingfor the safety net for American farmers."

      The letter was signed by thefollowing groups: American Farm Bureau, National Farmers Union, NationalAssociation of Wheat Growers, Southern Peanut Farmers Federation, USA RiceFederation, American Soybean Association, Peanut Growers Marketing Cooperative,North Carolina Peanut Growers, Virginia Peanut Growers, American BeekeepingFederation, Rice Belt Warehouses Inc., United Dairymen of Arizona, AmericanAssociation of Crop Insurers, National Sorghum Producers, US Rice ProducersAssociation, Crop Insurance Professionals Association, American Sheep IndustryAssociation, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Western Peanut GrowersAssociation, National Cotton Council, American Sugar Alliance, National BarleyGrowers Association, National Sunflower Association, USA Dry Pea & LentilCouncil, US Canola Association, and the American Honey Producers Association.


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HACChairman Collin Peterson To Address
7th Annual Texas Commodity Symposium

      House Agriculture CommitteeChairman Collin C. Peterson (D-Minnesota) will address the 7thannual Texas Commodity Symposium on November 28.

      The symposium, held inconjunction with the Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show in the Grand Plaza Room atthe Amarillo Civic Center will begin with registration at 8:30 a.m. TheSymposium program will begin at 9 a.m. The symposium is free to all and willconclude with a catered lunch at noon.

      The Texas Commodity Symposiumis hosted by Corn Producers Association of Texas (CPAT), Texas Grain SorghumAssociation (TGSA), Texas Wheat Producers Association (TWPA), Plains CottonGrowers, Inc. (PCG) and the Texas Peanut Producers Board (TPPB).

      Chairman Peterson has agreedto join the meeting via telephone at 11 o'clock a.m. CDT and present Symposiumparticipants his thoughts on the 2007 Farm Bill process and his expectationswhen Congress returns to work on December 3.

      In addition to ChairmanPeterson, other featured speakers include Texas Department of AgricultureCommissioner Todd Staples, former Congressman and House Agriculture CommitteeChairman Larry Combest, and Bryce Anderson, agriculturalmeteorologist and market analyst with the Data Transmission Network (DTN

      Also addressing the Symposiumwill be Don Gohmert, State Conservationist for the USDA Natural ResourcesConservation Service (NRCS) and John Fuston, State Executive Director for theTexas Farm Service Agency (FSA),

      All producers are encouragedto register early for a chance to win special door prizes. For more information, please contact Rachel Myers, VicePresident and Director of Producer and Legislative Affairs for the Texas WheatProducers at (806) 352-2191 or email (rmeyers@texaswheat.org).


Time IsRunning Out: Make Plans To Attend
The 2008 Beltwide Cotton Conferences

      Programming for the 2008Beltwide Cotton Conferences will be posted at the Beltwide's web site (http://beltwide.cotton.org) on December 3. Assembled under thetheme "Orchestrate Your Opportunities" the 2008 Beltwide conferenceswill be held January 8-11 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & ConventionCenter in Nashville, TN.

      "We want to encourageproducers and other related cotton industry individuals to visit the web siteto learn more about the conferences," said Bill Robertson, NCC staffercoordinating the programming. "Those who plan to attend are alsoencouraged to register and make their hotel reservations now."

      Meeting registration andhotel reservations can be made online at the Beltwide web site. Those withoutInternet access or those needing assistance may call 901-274-9030 and ask forthe Beltwide Help Desk.

      Robertson said a number ofCotton Production Conference sessions have been developed which includeheightened producer involvement to help address challenges and identifyopportunities for the 2008 season. Among the topics that will be discussed areherbicide resistance management, onboard modeling systems on the Case IH andJohn Deere cotton pickers, and reflections on the 2007 production season.