SlotsRemain for TCE Personnel Management
Conference On April 3-4 In Lubbock

Friday,March 23, 2007                            By Shawn Wade

      If you are a farmer,rancher or agribusiness person operating within 500 miles of Lubbock and areinterested in getting answers to questions you may have regarding hiring andretaining employees, multicultural workforce issues, conflict resolutionstrategies and/or other legal considerations facing agricultural employers thenyou need to attend the Effective Employee Management for AgribusinessesPersonnel Management Conference sponsored by Texas Cooperative Extension onApril 3-4.

      Texas CooperativeExtension in cooperation with Select Milk Producers, Inc., Texas Cattle FeedersAssociation, Plains Cotton Growers, Inc., Texas Cotton Ginner's Association andPurina Mills, LLC have assembled some of the top personnel management expertsin the country for this year's conference. These experts will address thesepersonnel management issues and more in a conference especially developed for agriculturalenterprises.

      This two-day conferenceis designed to help agricultural managers as they deal with the challenges ofmanaging human resources. The speakers, sessions and curriculum have beendesigned with agricultural managers in mind. Do not miss this opportunity tolearn how to better manage your business' most important resource – itspeople.

      The conference will beheld at the Holiday Inn Park Plaza Hotel located at 3201 S. Loop 289 inLubbock, TX. All conference activities will take place within our host hotel. The Holiday Inn is offering a group discount rate of $65.00 per nightsingle/double (1 or 2 people) plus tax for reservations made by March 30th;call 806-797-3241 now to make your reservations. After March 30th thediscounted room rate will be not be available.

      The Conference'sdiscounted early registration fee of $125.00 for the first participant from abusiness and $100.00 for each additional person has been extended. Allparticipants will be eligible for the discounted registration fee, includingon-site registrations.

      Foradditional details and to obtain a registration form, download the fullbrochure from the Plains Cotton Growers website ( or from the Lubbock TAMU Research and Extensionwebsite at:

NeugebauerSchedules Farm Bill Sessions

Friday,March 23, 2007                            By Shawn Wade

      RepresentativeRandy Neugebauer has scheduled three farm bill discussion sessions on April 9,10 and 11 to provide farmers and ranchers an opportunity to express their viewson farm policy on the eve of the start of the 2007 Farm Bill debate.

      Rep.Neugebauer is a member of the House Committee on Agriculture and the GeneralFarm Commodities and Risk Management subcommittee.

      Rep.Neugebauer's first forum will take place on Monday, April 9 at the Ollie LinerCenter in Plainview from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. A second forum will be held thenext day, April 10, in Seminole at 10:00 a.m. at the Old City Hall. Neugebauerwill then travel to Abilene Wednesday, April 11, where he will host the week'sfinal forum at the Texas Cooperative Extension Office from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.

      "Thecurrent farm bill has been a success, providing support for our nation'sfarmers while coming in under budget," said Neugebauer. "At theseforums, I want to get feedback from 19th District producers so that Congresscan build on current policies and write a 2007 Farm Bill that works even betterfor West Texas agriculture."


D&PLAnnounces 2007 Drought Relief Program;
Details Available on PCG Website

Friday,March 23, 2007                            By Shawn Wade

      ThePlains Cotton Growers website has been updated to include links to all of thecurrently available seed company provided cotton risk sharing programs thatwill be available to growers in 2007.

      Programinformation is now available for the programs being offered by All-Tex,Americot, Croplan, Delta & Pine Land, FiberMax/AFD andMonsanto/Stoneville/Nexgen.

      Themost recent program announcement comes from Delta & Pine Land Company whoannounced late last week the details of its 2007 Southwest Dryland ProtectionProgram.

      The2007 D&PL Dryland Protection Program is for non-irrigated acres planted toD&PL-brand cotton varieties containing Monsanto cotton technology. If, dueto drought, a farmer harvests less than 150 pounds of lint per acre, D&PLwill credit the farmer's seed supplier for 50 percent of the units used toplant the low-production acres. D&PL will notify farmers by letter aftercredit has been issued. The program is valid only for the 2007 crop year inKansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and specific counties in West Texas.

      Forcomplete 2007 D&PL Dryland Replant Program requirements, please contact aD&PL District Sales Manager or call D&PL Customer Service at 1-888-511-SEED(7333).

      Theinformation is provided as a compliment to the PCG Seed Cost Calculator whichis also available for download and provides an easy to use mechanism forcomparing the seed and technology costs of various cotton varieties for thepurpose of making 2007 planting decisions.

      Growersinterested in comparing prices for their 2007 planting seed options candownload the calculator at

      The2007 version includes 143 conventional, Roundup Ready, Roundup Ready FLEX,Liberty Link, Bollgard and Bollgard II and Widestrike varieties, as well asnumerous stacked gene versions of these technologies that will be available forsale in West Texas in 2007.

      ThePCG calculator is an interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that allowsproducers to calculate an estimated cost per acre, for both seed andtechnology, based on published suggested retail prices.


WastePesticide Collection Dates

      TheTexas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Department of Agriculture andTexas Cooperative Extension are getting together to clean up the Texascountryside during the month of March.

      AllAgricultural Waste Collection Program events are free of charge and open to allTexas residents, not just farmers and ranchers. Participation is voluntary andconfidential.

      Thejoint effort included six waste pesticide collection events across Texas, threeof which have already been conducted. Three dates remain for the collectionprogram and all are located in the West Texas region: Pampa (March 26),Plainview (March 28) and Brownfield (March 29).

      TheAgricultural Waste Collection program will accept leftover banned or unwantedagricultural pesticides, home chemicals including pesticides paints andthinners, antifreeze, household batteries, aerosol cans, photographic chemicalsmercury thermometers, herbicides, gasoline, cleaners, pool chemicals,fluorescent bulbs used motor oil and oil filters, lead acid batteries and otherautomotive products.

      Theprogram cannot accept used tires, radioactive materials, explosives, compressedgas cylinders, herbicides containing 2,4,5-TP (Silvex), pesticides or woodpreservatives containing pentachlorophenol in quantities greater than fivegallons or nutrient materials that are neither hazardous nor contain pesticideadmixtures.

      Thefollowing is a list of scheduled cleanup dates and locations with appropriatecontact information for obtaining additional information.

Agricultural Waste Pesticide Collections

March 2007 Collection Schedule




City - Location


March 26

8:00 a.m. –1:00 p.m.


Gray County Show Barn, 12125 E. Frederic

Brandon McGinty,

Co. Extension Agent, 806-669-8033


March 28

8:00 a.m. –1:00 p.m.


Ollie Liner Center,

2000 S. Columbia St.

Michael Dolle,

Co. Extension Agent, 806-291-5267


March 29

8:00 a.m. –1:00 p.m.


Terry County Livestock Barn, 1792 CR 430

Chris Bishop,

Co. Extension Agent, 806-637-4060

Source: TCEQ, TDA, TCE


TTU,LEDA To Sponsor Cotton Seminar In India

Friday,March 23, 2007                            By Shawn Wade

      TexasTech University will be organizing the 4th International Conference on,"Advances in Textiles, Machinery, Nonwoven and Technical Textiles,"in Coimbatore, India. The conference will be held from June 18-20, 2007.

      CitingIndia's intention to follow the Chinese model to expand their textile industryand eventually become a net importer of cotton, Texas Tech's Dr. Seshadri"Ram" Ramkumar says that recent advances in the area of non-wovencotton textiles should be viewed as a growing opportunity for U.S. cotton.

      Ramkumarnotes that the conference agenda is broad based and will cover fibers tofabrics, defense to technical textiles. Topics of interest to cotton industrywill include developments in cotton industry, trade and marketing to name justa few.

      Formore details, please contact Dr. Seshadri "Ram" Ramkumar at TexasTech University by calling 806-445-1925, or via email at: