Producers Directing Cotton Research
Through Cotton Inc. State Support Program

Friday,April 29, 2005                                 By Shawn Wade

      Members of the Cotton IncorporatedTexas State Support Committee met in Austin Monday, April 18 to review andselect cotton research projects for State Support funding in 2006.

      The Committee, comprised ofcotton growers from across Texas, worked out preliminary plans to allocate anestimated $738,000 in 2006 research funds provided by the Cotton IncorporatedState Support Program. Texas State Support Committee members from the HighPlains are Ronnie Hopper of Petersburg, James Brown of Muleshoe and WayneHuffaker of Tahoka.

      When the final 2006 StateSupport budget is determined by Cotton Incorporated, the Texas State SupportCommittee will finalize the projects that will be funded in 2006.

      TheState Support Program (SSP) returns 5 percent of the total CI operating budgetback to cotton producing states each year for the purpose of carrying outadditional producer directed research and promotion activities. The CI StateSupport Program provides an opportunity for cotton producers to direct anextensive array of research activity addressing the important production,processing and marketing issues they face.

      TexasState Support Program funds are allocated based on a formula that uses one-halfof available funds for projects deemed relevant on a statewide basis. Theremaining money is further divided among the State’s nine growing regions basedon each region’s percentage of statewide production averaged over the mostrecent three growing seasons.

      Basedon this allocation structure, High Plains producer leaders selected projectsfor 2006 funding totaling an estimated $218,000. A total of 13 researchprojects were selected during the April 18 meeting for funding from the HighPlains’ share of projected 2006 Texas State Support Program funds.

      Researchersat the Texas Tech University (TTU) College of Agricultural Sciences and NaturalResources, the TTU International Textile Center, United States Department ofAgriculture (USDA) Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, Texas CooperativeExtension (TCE), and the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (TAES) willconduct the selected High Plains projects.

      Twoadditional projects, a joint High Plains oriented cotton breeding effortintegrating researchers from TTU, USDA, TCE and TAES and a cotton priceanalysis project performed by economists at the TTU Cotton Economics ResearchInstitute, were renewed as statewide projects for 2006 in addition to the 13projects supported with High Plains funds.

      Researchpriorities addressed by the selected 2006 research projects include geneticimprovement; irrigation and fertilization management; pest management;harvesting and ginning; spinning performance; and marketing and economics.

      Afinal listing of approved projects will be compiled and released, along withfinal funding levels, by Cotton Incorporated staff later in the year.


Useful Tools Available On PCG Website

Friday,April 29, 2005                                 By Shawn Wade

      Whether it is helpingproducers make important management decisions or keep track of weather and soilconditions, Plains Cotton Growers is providing a broad range of tools designedto make things a little easier for growers in 2005 through the organization’swebsite.

      The tools included on the PCGwebsite offer timely and accurate information to assist growers as they makeimportant management decisions, try to estimate seed costs or determine what todo when they sign-up for the 2003/2004 Crop Disaster Program.

      All of the information andtools are easily accessible from the PCG Home page ( and provide informative, easy touse options that address specific grower needs.

      The following are some of themost popular tools, calculators and production related information on the PCGwebsite:

      2005 Loan Information - Producers wanting a copy of the2005 Loan chart can download either a printable Adobe Acrobat file with the2005 loan values applicable for Lubbock warehouse locations, the raw FarmService Agency (FSA) premium and discount tables or a spreadsheet that cancreate a printable loan chart for any Texas warehouse location.

      Soil TemperatureInformation and Weather - Access timely weather and climatic information from PCG’s SoilTemperature and Weather information pages.

      2003/2004 Disaster Calculators - Using the calculators gives aproducer a clear picture of which farms or units qualify for the Crop DisasterProgram (CDP), estimates how much benefit they are likely to receive and helpsidentify records needed to complete an application should the FSA database beincomplete. PCG's Disaster Calculators are available for download and have beenupdated to include the 2003/2004 FSA yield tables for cotton, corn, wheat, sorghumand peanuts.

      Seed Cost Calculator - Estimate and compare 2005 seed andtechnology costs based on a combination of suggested retail prices and variableplanting rates.

      Plant PopulationCalculator - Workout how many plants or seeds you have per acre, by entering a Row Width ininches and either the inches between Plants or Seeds, or the number ofPlants/Seeds per foot of row.

      Heat Unit Calculator - Later in the season an updated PCGHeat Unit Calculator will be available for tracking the number of heat unitsaccumulated at various High Plains locations from any planting date throughoutthe 2005 season.