PCG & MonsantoDiscuss Technology Issues

LUBBOCK, September 26, 2003    By Shawn Wade

      Representativesfrom St. Louis-based Monsanto Company sat down with members of Plains CottonGrowers this week to talk issues and to develop ideas for adding even more valueto the customer loyalty programs currently offered to Monsanto customers.

      Themeeting, which has become almost a yearly ritual, provides PCG the opportunityto discuss evolving Monsanto programs and products with the decision-makersresponsible for their development and implementation.

      Issuesdiscussed with the Monsanto contingent included: technology pricing strategies,specifically the concept of switching to a regional pricing structure;discussion of proposed changes to current Monsanto crop destruct and replantprograms; and, also discussion about the development of new programs Monsantohopes will provide additional value and encourage growers to utilize Monsantobranded products.

      Throughoutthe discussion the main points put forth by the PCG contingent were that theprograms needed to be easily understood and allow Monsanto’s investment tostand on its own, without the added confusion of how other companiesparticipation in the programs is manifest.

      Monsantoofficials noted that one of the most popular programs with growers has been theReplant program through which growers were reimbursed a portion of their seedcosts on crops destroyed early in the season.

      The2004 Monsanto Replant program will look considerably different, but maintainMonsanto’s financial contribution at the same level of $17 per bag.

      Monsanto’s2004 changes are being prompted by the seed industries pending switch frommarketing seed in 50 pound bags to selling seed based on the total number ofseed per bag.

      Monsantoofficials note that one of the benefits to growers that comes from the changeis a clearer picture of seed and technology costs.


Texas Redistricting Battle Heads To Conference Committee

LUBBOCK,September 26, 2003 by Roger Haldenby

      The3rd special session of the 78th Texas Legislature, called to redrawcongressional districts, continues in Austin.

      Thehistory of the past few days shows a wide difference between House Bill 3 asapproved by the House on September 17, and Substitute House Bill 3 as amendedby the Senate passed on September 25. The House refused to concur in the Senateamendments and so the issue now is referred to a House/Senate conferencecommittee.

      TheSenate Conferees appointed are: Senator Staples, (Chair) and Senators Duncan,Hinojosa, Lindsay and Nelson.

      TheHouse Conferees appointed are: Representative King, (Chair) and representativesCrabb, Hamric, Grusendorf and Wilson.

      Theconference committee is expected to meet sometime the week starting September29.

      Thelatest maps, along with a map of the existing congressional districts can beviewed on PCG's web site at: http://www.plainscotton.org click on "LatestCongressional Redistricting" or go direct to the page at:


      PCGis interested in preserving the representation of rural Texas in Congress. Theorganization does not want West Texas to lose a representative in Congress anddoes not want to see an erosion of influence of our congressmen who representthe interests of agriculture and petroleum.

      AtPCG's most recent quarterly board meeting held July 16 in Lubbock, the boardvoted unanimously AGAINST any plans for revising of Congressional districts atthis time.