PCG Approves FY03-04 Operating Budget

LUBBOCK,July 18, 2003                              By Shawn Wade

      Membersof the Plains Cotton Growers, Inc., Board of Directors came together Wednesday,July 16 for the organization's first meeting of the 2003-2004 fiscal year.

      Toppingthe agenda for the PCG Directors was approval of an operating budget for theorganization's new fiscal year, which began July 1.

      ThePCG Board unanimously approved an operating budget totaling $609,085.33 to seethe organization through the next budget cycle.

      Inother business, the PCG Board discussed the status of the current speciallegislative session being conducted in Austin to work on the Congressionalredistricting issue. Brandon Lipps, special assistant to Lubbock Senator RobertDuncan, Chair of the Texas Senate’s Jurisprudence Committee, reported on thestatus of the debate in the Senate and the House.

      PCGBoard members unanimously approved a resolution opposing any change to currentCongressional boundaries.

      Inother business, the PCG Board elected members to the 2003-2004 NominatingCommittee and heard reports on the status of the implementation effort for the2001-2002 Crop Disaster Program. They also identified additional issues for PCGto work on over the next 6-12 months.

      Amongthe items the Board expressed interest in were cottonseed and technologypricing, herbicide performance, trade, assisting in development of a riskmanagement product for cotton gins, cotton trading rules, and development of apilot program for a Cost of Production insurance product.

      ThePCG Board also authorized Mark Williams to act as the PCG's representative atthe upcoming Cotton Incorporated/Cotton Board caucuses in Corpus Christi, July31.

      Thecaucus meeting coincides with meetings of the Texas Cotton Producers (TCP)organization and the American Cotton Producers (ACP). The ACP is the cottonproducer arm of the National Cotton Council and is led by current PCG PresidentMark Williams. TCP is comprised of the nine regional cotton producerorganizations within Texas.

      Oneof PCG's important industry activities is the identification and promotion ofcotton producers who are interested in filling leadership positions within thecotton industry. The Cotton Incorporated/Cotton Board caucus is the culminationof those activities.


PCG Seeks County Disaster Declarations

LUBBOCK,July 18, 2003                              By Shawn Wade

      Inan effort to get emergency and disaster assistance programs flowing to hard hitHigh Plains counties, Lubbock-based Plains Cotton Growers recently sent lettersto County Judges in each of the 25 counties served by the organization.

      Includedwith the PCG letter were estimates of 2003 cotton acreage losses and potentialeconomic losses.

      Using5-year average production figures, PCG estimated some 1.1 million acres lostthrough the end of June with a potential farm level economic impact of some$321 million.

      Becauseof the widespread nature of the losses, three areas of concern prompted the PCGcommunication.

      Thefirst was to communicate the degree to which the area’s cotton production hadbeen impacted by weather events during the month of June.

      Thesecond was to ensure each High Plains county that is eligible to receive adisaster declaration does so to make sure the full breadth of governmentprograms triggered by such declarations are available to producers andadversely impacted local businesses.

      Thethird reason PCG is encouraging separate disaster declarations for each countystems from the recent Congressional debate authorizing the 2001-2002 CropDisaster Program.

      Theauthorizing legislation for the 2001-2002 CDP was originally developed withlanguage that would have limited disaster assistance only to producers incounties that had been declared disaster areas. Through the efforts of PCG andother agricultural interest organizations the language was eventually changedto include producers who had eligible losses in counties contiguous to declareddisaster areas.

      SeveralHigh Plains counties have already started the effort to obtain disaster declarations.


“Management of Late Cotton in 2003” Guide Available From TCE & PCGWebsites

LUBBOCK,July 18, 2003                        By Shawn Wade

      Dr.Randy Boman, High Plains Cotton Specialist for the Texas Cooperative Extension(TCE) service, has published an update to the agency’s late cotton managementguidelines in a new publication titled, “Management of Late Cotton in 2003”.

      The publication isavailable from the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center Lubbock’swebsite at:


      Thepublication is also viewable in html format on the PCG website at


      Highlightsof the publication include information on: assessing a late crop’s yield andquality potential; encouraging earliness through different managementstrategies; and addressing the challenges involved in insect management in latecotton.