“Cotton Day At The Capitol 2003” – March 4

Friday, February 28, 2003             ByShawn Wade

      TheTexas cotton industry is ready to renew old acquaintances and make new friendsas it prepares for its’ biennial trek to the State Capitol to highlight theimportant role cotton plays in the Texas economy.

      Highlighting“Cotton Day at the Capitol 2003” activities will be the reading of resolutionsin the House of Representatives and the Senate honoring the event.

      “CottonDay” provides an opportunity for cotton industry representatives to sit downwith each legislator to discuss cotton’s importance to the State economy.

      Oneof the goals of “Cotton Day” is to prepare the groundwork for strongcommunication and to begin the search for solutions to the problems and challengesthat lie ahead for the State and industry.

      “CottonDay” participants include cotton producers, ginners and allied industryrepresentatives from across the State.

      Participantswill visit the offices of each Representative and Senator and sit down todiscuss the issues affecting the cotton industry.

      Theevent also serves as an educational opportunity to acquaint those unfamiliarwith cotton about its many uses.

      Withcotton playing such a significant role in the Texas economy, it is only fittingthat we take a day in Austin to reflect on the importance of the popular fiberand make legislators aware of the challenges facing the industry.

      “CottonDay at the Capitol” is sponsored by Texas Cotton Producers, a statewideproducer organization composed of the nine regional cotton grower organizationsactively representing growers in different production regions.


2002 DCP Sign-up Deadlines Getting Near; Producers Encouraged toComplete Process

      Sign-upfor the Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program (DCP) continues to lag and the USDAFarm Service Agency personnel are reminding growers that intend to participatethat the deadline for completing sign-up is getting close.

      Thedeadline for owners or their appointed representative to make initial base andyield option selections for the DCP program is April 1, 2003. The deadline forprogram participants to sign-up for the 2002 and 2003 DCP program is June 2,2003.

      Boththe initial base and yield option selection and the decisions to participate inthe 2002 and 2003 DCP program can be completed at the same time.

      2002and 2003 DCP payments for the balance of the 2002 direct payment, 2002counter-cyclical advance payments, and the advance for the 2003 direct paymentwill be processed as soon as sign-up is completed.

      Producersare encouraged to contact their county FSA office and schedule an appointment.



Don’t Forget:


Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.

Annual Meeting


Thursday, April 3, 2003

8:30 am – Registration

9:00 am – Program


Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

Banquet Hall