FederalEmergency Management Agency


Farmers, Ranchers &Landowners:


Columbia Recovery Operation

Still Needs Help Finding Shuttle Material


TheColumbia Shuttle Recovery Team is deeply appreciative of those who have helpeddiscover and retrieve shuttle material. With the coming of Spring, trees,bushes, vines and grasses are beginning to grow. Eventually, this growth willcover shuttle material remaining unfound.


Anypiece of shuttle material could prove to be an essential piece forinvestigators trying to understand what happened on February 1, 2003. But thereare several critical parts that will become less valuable if they are not foundsoon.


Ifyou find something you believe may be shuttle material, please report itimmediately to the Recovery Center.


Thetoll-free hotline number is: 1.866.446.6603.


Ifyou have had problems getting through on this telephone line, if you have notbeen called back about your previous report, or if the material has not beenpicked up, please try again..



For More Information call:        FederalEmergency Management Agency, News Desk -936-699-1094, or

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                                                               Informationis also available through the FEMA 24-hour fax-on-demand service

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