Communication Is Key to Success


         PCG is in the process of expanding it communications activities both toproducers and to the rest of the world. The give and take PCG receives from itsmembership helps focus the organization on the issues most important toproducers and provides direction for the organizations future activities.Communication is a two way street, however, and it is doubly important that themembership have a clear idea of what PCG is doing for them. In an effort toimprove communication PCG is launching several new information outlets.


“Cotton News”

         Published on a weekly basis “Cotton News” is designed to aid in the collection,evaluation and dissemination of cotton related information, including cropstatus reports, quality updates, legislative and regulatory issues and ongoingPCG activities.

         “Cotton News” represents the most up-to-date source for breaking news about thecotton industry on the Texas High Plains.

         “Cotton News” is sent to all High Plains cotton gins during harvest season andto all area newspapers, radio and television stations throughout the year.

         Member gins can request to receive “Cotton News” on a year-round basis bycontacting the PCG office.

         The development of PCG’s site on the World Wide Web is a top priority andshould prove especially useful to producers looking for information aboutimportant cotton related topics.


         Producers and gins with internet capability can find and retrieve data from thesite.


         PCG’s home page will eventually be a jumping off place for anyone interested infinding cotton related information on the internet.


         It will also house High Plains crop production statistics, and other pertinentinformation.


         You can find the PCG Home Page at:


         PCG also offers a free email service which provides regular timely updates onimportant cotton issues between publication dates of PCG’s weekly “Cotton News”newsletter. To subscribe to the PCG email Service send a message with the text SUBSCRIBE in the body of themessage.